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At Lancaster Pollard, we bridge the gap between capital and our clients to help health care and senior living organizations expand and improve their services by providing financial advice and financing solutions.

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Lancaster Pollard’s services enable you to develop a thorough financial plan that will allow you to focus on the success of your organization.

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Addressing the Growth in Medicare Advantage Plans: An Interview with Kim Saylor

In the April edition of The Capital Issue, we detailed the recent growth in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans and examined how long-term care facilities are dealing with the changes. Given the attractiveness and the increasing prevalence of MA plans, operators will have no choice but to proactively manage their resident population to mitigate the risks …Read More

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Urban Appeal: Development Trends and Considerations for Seniors Housing in Cities

When people think of the rental population in big cities, they often picture young professionals looking to advance in their careers before making a move to the suburbs later in life. While there are still plenty of urban renters that fit that profile, new stats reveal an interesting trend. Between the years from 2009 to …Read More

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Planning for the Future: Hospital Financing Case Studies

It’s no secret that hospitals and health systems have seen their ups and downs over the past five years. In 2015, a positive trend paved the way for higher-rated providers, while 2016 saw the trend reversed as median ratios deteriorated for all rating categories. Currently, hospitals and health systems are tackling an increase of pharmaceutical, …Read More

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Pemberly Place: Enhancing the Lives of Those They Serve

Opening its doors in May of 2018, Pemberly Place is a new seniors housing facility located in Lincoln, Nebraska, that is designed to serve private pay residents needing independent living (IL), assisted living (AL), and memory care (MC) services. With a focus on promoting dignity and treating each resident as a unique individual, Pemberly Place …Read More

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