Lancaster Pollard’s services enable hospitals, seniors housing and care, and housing properties to develop the financial plans and secure the funding necessary to continue to serve their communities and lets them focus on what’s truly important –their residents and their patients. Choose from the financing guides, including white papers and term sheets, divided by sector below.

Resources for Hospital Financing

Financing Options for Large Hospitals and Multi-Hospital Systems
Recent Financings for Independent Community Hospitals
Financing Options for Small and Rural Hospitals
Recent Financings for Independent Community Hospitals
Expansion, Renovation, Replacement or Acquisition
Expansion, Renovation, Replacement or Acquisition
Supplement Existing HUD/FHA Loan
Reimbursement for Capital Project Expenditures
Exploring the Growing Trend of Micro-Hospitals

Resources for Senior Living Financing

Financing Options for Nonprofit Senior Living Organizations
New Construction or Substantial Rehabilitation
Purchase or Refinance
Refinance of an Existing FHA Mortgage
Substantial Rehabilitation or Refinance
Acquisition or Refinance
Substantial Rehabilitation to Facilities with an Existing HUD/FHA Mortgage


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