Lancaster Pollard’s financing podcast series explores today’s pressing debt financing issues. Our podcasts provide listeners with a quick, informative and enlightening manner in which to digest the latest financial information needed to make the best decisions.

USDA Community Facilities Program (19:17)

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Senior Managing Director Steve Kennedy speaks with Senior Vice President Quintin Harris and Vice President Kyle Hemminger about the most recent developments in the USDA CF program and what it means for organizations seeking financing.

Fannie Mae Seniors Housing (10:01)

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Lancaster Pollard CEO Nick Gesue talks with Managing Directors of Agency Finance, Casey Moore and Doug Harper, about financing through Fannie Mae programs.

The Costs of Clinical Risk (11:19)

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The metrics involved in assessing risk factors in senior care facilities can be intimidating for some. In this episode, we discuss some of the risks involved in not monitoring a facility’s ratings and metrics, as well as some steps to take in order to optimize a facility’s efficiency and care metrics.

The Wave of Private Capital: (13:07)

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We discuss private capital and other alternative capital sources that are increasingly playing a significant role in seniors housing finance, creating ample opportunities for providers and investors alike.

Senior Living Financing Options Overview (8:59)

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A discussion of funding options available for seniors housing and care providers. Options covered include FHA, Fannie Mae, USDA and private placements.

HUD Mortgage Insurance for Nonprofit Senior Living Providers (13:22)

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Senior Vice President Bill Wilson describes the benefits of HUD mortgage insurance, specifically the FHA Sec. 232 program, for seniors housing providers.

USDA Business and Industry Program (8:52)

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This podcast explores the USDA Business & Industry program. The USDA B&I program provides a loan guarantee for financing of qualified projects, including seniors housing facilities and hospitals, in towns with a population of less than 50,000. The program is designed to help finance and develop business and industry in rural communities by providing a government guaranteed loan.

FHA 242 Program (10:33)

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Lancaster Pollard Vice President Matt Lindsay sheds light on the benefits of the FHA Sec. 242 program. The 242 program provides a mortgage insurance commitment that FHA-approved lenders utilize as a credit enhancement to issue debt securities on behalf of hospital borrowers.

Federal Home Loan Bank Letter of Credit Structure (9:07)

By: Steve Kennedy, Kass Matt | Download The MP3

This podcast explains what a letter of credit is, from both the borrower and the bondholders’ perspective, explains the difference between a traditional letter of credit and a Federal Home Loan Bank letter of credits, and explains why market circumstances make the Federal Home Loan Bank letter of credit structure a viable option. We also provide an example of the type of borrower who would be a good candidate for this structure and explain why.

Multi-Tracking Financing Options (6:52)

By: Steve Kennedy, Aaron Becker | Download The MP3

Borrowers who multi-track financing options can switch tracks faster, lose less time and spend less money than those who must start over if the initial option fails to pan out or if another more affordable option becomes available.


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