Acquisition and Refinancing

Acquisition and Refinancing for Senior Living Providers

The current low interest rate environment is the ideal time to expand through acquisition or refinance current debt to help reduce your organization’s operating cost and improve cash flow. In addition, refinancing can also be used to remove burdensome or restrictive covenants imposed by the terms of the outstanding debt.

Lancaster Pollard’s experience financing or refinancing senior-living debt encompasses a variety of funding structures, as shown below. Lancaster Pollard’s knowledge of the HUD/FHA Lean program is unmatched, as we were the #1 HUD Lean Lender in FY 2017 and have been the #1 HUD LEAN Lender from FY 2010 to FY 2017, according to HUD data. Access to the full range of options allows us to multi-track - to constantly monitor the credit markets as we structure the financing and recommend a different financing option if the change will reduce capital costs and/or achieve other key client objectives.

Additionally, Propero® Seniors Housing Equity Fund is a private equity fund established by Lancaster Pollard to invest in seniors housing properties including independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing. The fund seeks to be the sole owner of each property and utilize a triple-net lease structure. We use the fund to partner with best-in-class operators of any scale to finance the acquisition of these property types.

Lancaster Pollard also has the unique ability to evaluate a transaction from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspective, and we thoroughly understand the factors that drive valuation. Please visit our M&A Services page for more information.

Additional information about Lancaster Pollard's platform of services:

Type of Borrower Objective Financing Options
For-Profit or Nonprofit Borrower Purchase or Refinance Rated and Non-Rated Enhanced, Taxable and Tax-Exempt Bonds
For-Profit or Nonprofit Borrower Purchase or Refinance HUD/FHA Section 232/223(f) LEAN Term Sheet
For-Profit Borrower Purchase Propero® Seniors Housing Equity Fund
For-Profit Borrower Purchase or Refinance Fannie Mae ARM 7-6
For-Profit or Nonprofit Borrower Refinance for Seniors Housing Fannie Mae Term Sheet
For-Profit or Nonprofit Borrower Refinance of an Existing FHA Mortgage HUD/FHA Section 223(a)(7) Term Sheet
Rural For-Profit or Nonprofit Borrower Purchase or Refinance USDA Business and Industry Term Sheet
About USDA Business & Industry Program