Lancaster Pollard Remarketing Services

Adjustable rate securities are an excellent vehicle to finance long-term projects with relatively low interest rates, but are your remarketing rates and fees higher than they should be? Is your remarketing agent complacent?

Lancaster Pollard believes you should evaluate a remarketing agent in terms of service, rate and fee. Our remarketing clients have the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are always just a phone call away, their securities are being reset at competitive rates.

The Lancaster Pollard Remarketing Difference:

Service: Our role as remarketing agent is part of our commitment to limitless client service.

  • Our adjustable rate securities portfolio includes virtually every major letter of credit (LOC) bank doing business in the US
  • Long-term relationships with the primary buyers of variable rate debt who manage over $250 billion of assets
  • Direct access to your remarketing agent via the telephone and email
  • Quarterly communications regarding issues that affect your markets
  • Weekly rate reset reports sent directly to you

Rate: We use analytics and modeling to help ensure your securities are trading efficiently and in line with the market. We evaluate many factors, such as:

  • Quality of the underlying credit
  • Credit quality of the LOC bank
  • Transaction size
  • State of issuance

Fee: We continuously benchmark the fees of other major remarketing agents to ensure our competitive fee structure.