Market-Rate Housing

Financing the New Construction, Acquisition, Substantial Rehabilitation or Refinance of Market-Rate Housing

Financing market-rate housing has become more challenging as traditional funding has become increasingly difficult to obtain. However, there are several FHA Mortgage Insurance Programs that can meet your needs. Successful FHA transactions are a function of an experienced lender and a strong development team. As a leading FHA lender, Lancaster Pollard’s familiarity with the procedures and FHA offices nationwide allows us to bear the burden of the process, allows you to focus on your business, and results in a successful and timely outcome for your project.

Our industry expertise allows us to meet the specific needs of our clients by utilizing FHA Mortgage Insurance programs that fit your goals. Click on your objective below for more information.

Objective: Financing Option:
New Construction or Substantial Rehabilitation HUD/FHA Sec. 221(d)(4)
Refinance of an Existing FHA Mortgage HUD/FHA Sec. 223(a)(7)
Acquisition or Refinance HUD/FHA Sec. 223(f)

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