New Construction, Rehabilitation & Preservation Financing

Capital Financing for Affordable Housing New Construction, Rehabilitation and Preservation

Lancaster Pollard has the experience to fund your development, whether you’re looking to finance new construction, upgrade and modernize, convert a building to rental property or preserve an existing or acquired subsidized property. We recognize the nuances, complexities and timing associated with rehabilitation and preservation financing and the impact it has on your funding options.

The importance of saving the existing supply of subsidized housing is more critical than ever; if not saved, these resources are generally lost forever. The cost to preserve is less than the cost to rebuild, so the government offers various programs as incentive for organizations to preserve their affordable housing facilities. Despite the incentives, even the most sophisticated organizations can have challenges navigating the myriad of processes and programs required by the government to fulfill the requirements. Lancaster Pollard is an industry leader in successfully navigating these challenges while providing the most appropriate financing structure for the transaction.

For borrowers looking to rehabilitate and preserve subsidized housing, we offer financing through HUD/FHA, Fannie Mae and USDA utilizing both taxable and tax-exempt structures.

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New Construction to Permanent FHA Sec. 221(d)(4)

USDA Sec. 538 Guaranteed Loan Programs
Construction Take Out Financing FHA Sec. 223(f)

FHA Sec. 223(f) LIHTC Pilot Program

Fannie Mae Funded Forward

Fannie Mae Unfunded Forward

USDA 538 Guaranteed Loan Program
Substantial Rehabilitation/Preservation FHA Sec. 221(d)(4)

USDA Sec. 538 Guaranteed Loan Programs
Moderate Rehabilitation/Preservation FHA Sec. 223(f)

FHA Sec. 223(f) LIHTC Pilot Program

Fannie Mae Immediate Funding

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