Capital Financing for Large Hospitals and Health Systems

Financing the Progress of America’s Large Hospitals and Health Systems

As one of the nation’s largest groups of health care finance professionals, Lancaster Pollard knows that large hospitals and health systems are on the forefront of health care delivery, employing the newest technologies and innovations to provide care not available elsewhere. To meet demands in an ever changing health care landscape, large hospitals and health systems nationwide are in a constant state of renovation and growth in order to remain competitive and provide the best facilities, technology and equipment. A well-run system’s capital advantages provide the ability to undertake projects and service line expansions with minimal risk that can positively affect cash flow and liquidity into the future.

An Experienced Financier

Large hospitals and systems have opportunities to borrow capital on their own credit strength or via commercial or agency enhancements. Lancaster Pollard has served as a senior manager of rated and non-rated bond issues, and has secured commercial enhancement, such as direct pay and stand-by letters of credit. We have also financed more hospitals using the FHA/HUD Sec. 242 hospital program than any other lender in the past five government fiscal years. Systems are increasingly considering the 242 program to finance acquisitions, replacement facilities and expansions of member hospitals because, as a non-recourse structure, the system is not necessarily liable for the debt of the individual facility being financed.

A Trusted Guide

Lancaster Pollard will guide you to the lowest cost capital and best term available to finance your organization’s growth and we are able to do so because of our ability to access the full range of financing options and to multi-track options to retain flexibility during changing market conditions.