About Lancaster Pollard Finance Company, LLC

About Lancaster Pollard Finance Company, LLC

Balance Sheet Lending

Lancaster Pollard began in 1988 as an underwriter of debt securities for senior living and long-term care providers. Over the years, we have refined and expanded our services and have grown to become one of the largest professional and support staffs in the country dedicated to serving the seniors housing and care sector.

Lancaster Pollard Finance Company provides direct balance sheet lending for acquisition financing and recapitalizations. 

Timely and Definitive Execution

A core competency and service we bring to our clients is our ability to fully understand their financial and business situation, their needs and the characteristics of the sector in which they do business. This knowledge and experience can provide timely and definitive execution for all of a client’s capital needs. Our goal is to be able to provide a term sheet within seven business days of a request and close the loan within 80 days after the term sheet is signed.

Recommendations Based on Your Needs 

Lancaster Pollard is an independent firm and is not pressured to push a particular financial instrument or outcome. We provide unbiased recommendations to help you select the most appropriate course of action to help you meet your financial and business objectives – now and in the future. 

Our independence allows us to consider every viable option. Clients have significantly altered their courses of action after we have had a thorough discussion about all of their financial options.

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