Magnolia Grand: Live the Grand Life

At Magnolia Grand, residents have full control over what their day will bring. Each day is as active, inspiring and independent as a resident wants it to be. The facility fosters an active senior lifestyle that promotes privacy and dignity.

Owned by BPM Senior Living Company, Magnolia Grand is a 95-unit independent living (IL) facility located in Riverside, California. Adjacent to California Baptist University, Magnolia Grand is central to several major shopping areas, two hospitals, a senior citizen center, as well as the Pacific Ocean, mountains, desert and wine country. But travel isn’t always necessary because the opportunities for socializing, exercise, happy hour, learning, dancing, watching a movie or simply relaxing are abundant at Magnolia Grand. 

Residents live the “grand life” in a facility that has been described by those who live there as a “five-star resort with a big family.” The caring staff at Magnolia Grand understands that home is something different to everyone who lives there. For some, it's a comfortable place to rest and unwind after a long day of activities, socializing or traveling to wine country. For others, it's a relaxing oasis to enjoy the company of a friend or the serenity of a private apartment.

Successful Refinancing 

Serving as Magnolia Grand’s investment banker, Lancaster Pollard completed a Fannie Mae Seniors Housing financing for BPM on a separate property and BPM indicated a desire to replicate that experience on Magnolia Grand, as its existing loan was near full maturation. BPM explored keeping Magnolia’s permanent financing with its existing bank, but ultimately opted for the benefits offered by Fannie Mae Seniors Housing financing, which include compelling terms, a low, fixed interest rate and a non-recourse feature. 

The result was a successful and efficient transaction that went from engagement to closing in approximately 60 days. In addition to refinancing approximately $6 million in debt, the loan also funded significant unit upgrades and improvements. 

“The proceeds from the refinance allowed us to upgrade every apartment to the new standard and continue offering an exceptional level of service to independent seniors in Riverside County,” said Dan Lamey, president of BPM Senior Living.

Wellness: A Way of Life

Magnolia Grand was designed to enhance the wellness of residents, from their easy-to-access location just off Highway 91, to the full-service amenities found throughout the community. 

Their goal is to help residents achieve true wellness. In order to accomplish this, Magnolia Grand provides opportunities for residents to address the six primary components of a healthy lifestyle: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and vocational.

Positive physical wellness is what Magnolia Grand views as crucial to living independently. The facility offers various physical activities and promotes mindful nutrition, stress management and regular medical checkups for their residents. 

In addition to Magnolia Grand’s daily activities calendar, residents determine their own activity schedule. Through their Personal Preferences program, residents are offered the chance to achieve their own personal fulfillment, whether that means visiting the beach, attending church at the nearby Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church, or shopping at one of the many malls and centers. 

To enhance residents’ intellectual health, Magnolia Grand offers a Memory Enhancement Program that draws on individual interests and abilities to introduce engaging activities that support and improve mental wellness. Residents are encouraged to engage in new activities tailored to their functioning level to keep their intellectual health resilient.

Magnolia Grand also has an activity director that ensures residents can continue their spiritual journey in ways that best enhance their life and holistic health. Whether through individual or group faith-based activities, focused exercise, enjoying nature or partaking in personal meditation and reflection, the residents have numerous resources to sustain their spiritual wellness.

Social activities are also held in high regard, as the facility feels it promotes a sense of friendship, camaraderie and belonging. If a resident enjoyed regular participation with a social or civic organization such as Kiwanis, Lions, V.F.W. or Rotary before coming to Magnolia Grand, they are supported and encouraged to continue those connections and relationships. 


Upgraded Facility

After the successful refinancing, Magnolia Grand was able to provide residents with fully appointed kitchenettes along with stainless steel appliances and basic cable television. The facility offers studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments with air conditioning and balconies in most units. 

Magnolia Grand also offers residents full access to their restaurant-style dining room with breakfast, lunch and dinner served all day. With an emphasis on local and seasonal offerings, their menu features a variety of dishes that can be customized to all tastes and dietary needs. 

“The owner had a vision for Magnolia Grand to attract a more vibrant independent senior that desired higher-end finishes in their apartment home. We completed an extensive upgrade to the common areas and several of the apartments and the response was tremendous,” said Lamey. 

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